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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reverse zebra print

What you need
Black nail polish
White nail polish for nail art

Step1 paint your nails black let dry really well

Step2 take your white nail polish brush and start out on the bottom corner you can start on the left or right side doesn't matter and press the brush down and drag it to the Middel of your nail .

Step3 go over to opposite side and do the Same technique
Do this five or 6 times on the same nail
Repeat steps for all of your fingers and your done

Step4after drying really well apply a top coat .

Also you can use any colors your would like .

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make your own dotting tool for nail art !!

Nail art dotting tool make your own

What you can use to make your own
1: A bobbie pin just straighten it out

2: Ball point pin ( make sure all the ink has ran out )

3: For very small dots you can use a tooth pick

4: The end of a makeup brush or paint brus

I hope these at home items help with making your own nail art

Monday, September 26, 2011

very easy to do nail art in sec

I just learned how to do this about a hour ago very easy and simple to do adds a unique touch to your nails . you can do this on your nails or if you have false nails as well

tools you will need a base coat (a light color such as pink,yellow ,white , gray ) rubbing alcohol ,cotton balls,  a old news paper . and last a top coat

step 1 apply your base coat all over your nail make sure and let dry very well i would give it 15 to 20 min to be sure .

 step 2 cut out 3x3 inch square of a newspaper you can get about 2 uses out of each square

step 3  place the piece of newspaper over top of your nail

step 4 then dip the cotton ball in to the rubbing  alcohol

step5   place the cotton ball over top of the newspaper on the nail hold for about 4 sec

step 6 remove newspaper off of your nail  then apply your base coat and there your have it