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Monday, September 26, 2011

very easy to do nail art in sec

I just learned how to do this about a hour ago very easy and simple to do adds a unique touch to your nails . you can do this on your nails or if you have false nails as well

tools you will need a base coat (a light color such as pink,yellow ,white , gray ) rubbing alcohol ,cotton balls,  a old news paper . and last a top coat

step 1 apply your base coat all over your nail make sure and let dry very well i would give it 15 to 20 min to be sure .

 step 2 cut out 3x3 inch square of a newspaper you can get about 2 uses out of each square

step 3  place the piece of newspaper over top of your nail

step 4 then dip the cotton ball in to the rubbing  alcohol

step5   place the cotton ball over top of the newspaper on the nail hold for about 4 sec

step 6 remove newspaper off of your nail  then apply your base coat and there your have it

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